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Composite 2

Composite 2

6″x 6″ assemblage


Composite 1

Composite 1

6 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ assemblage

Great Northern

Great Northern

41″x 41″ outdoor assemblage (salvaged painted wood from old boxcar)

Still more little boxes

Little Box Series #6 & #7

Assemblage in 5″X7″ box, approximately 1″ deep



Little Boxes Series

I have accumulated, over the years, a vast collection of items I have picked up in parking lots, on streets, on beaches. I never return from a walk without at least one new-found treasure in my pocket.  My plan has always been to use the items in collages and assemblages, and I have done so with many of them.  Then last year I discovered a large box of little boxes, shallow 5″X7″ boxes, that were left over when we retired and closed Woodsedge.  And the new series was born. The unifying factor is the size and the fact that the majority of the elements are found objects. And the fact that they are enormously fun to create.




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