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Encaustic: More Playing

Encaustic: More Playing

I have found that the best way to learn more about a process is to play with it, to experiment, without the expectation of ending up with a viable “product”. So I have been doing just that as I venture into the exciting world of encaustic.  It is challenging to overcome the technicalities of it and still maintain my aesthetic. And it is that challenge that is so very appealing.

A few more experiments: Are they finished? Maybe.  Maybe not.  No need to make any permanent decisions at this point.  


Adding live links

The goal of the day……learn to add a live link.

The most recent quote posted is by one of my favorite living artists, Virginia Cobb of Cerrillos, NM. I have been fortunate to have worked with her in a number of workshop settings, in her home studio, in New Orleans, and in Minnesota.

Her book, DISCOVERING THE INNER EYE, is a must for any artist’s library.

More learning

Lesson for the day:
Can I post comments/photos from my iPhone?



And the answer is yes!  And I can control the size of the photo I insert in a post. This WordPress this is quite wonderful

Unrealistic expectations

In my earlier observations on artistic talent, I said that there are 4 primary reasons that everyone doesn’t make good art.  One of these reasons is unrealistic expectations (belief in art myths). And one of the most damaging of these myths is that if you are a really good painter, a painting will flow effortlessly from beginning to end.  Anyone who is an accomplished painter will find this thought laughable.  Yes, making art is often exhilarating and flowing, but making art is frequently hard, frustrating work.  If you don’t have the self-discipline and confidence to power through those difficult times, your work will never improve.

The only way to get better at making art is to make art.  It is that simple.

You can read books and magazine articles, watch videos, take workshop after workshop, assemble the finest and most comprehensive range of art materials that money can buy, build a state of the art studio, but until you have done 1000 paintings you won’t be a good painter.  Until you have done 1000 drawings you won’t be good at drawing.  (I just made those numbers up to make my point…….999 paintings might do the job)

The Nike slogan applies here……”JUST DO IT!”

“Artists today think of everything they do as a work of art. It is important to forget about what you are doing, then a work of art may happen.”Andrew Wyeth



Today my mission is to figure out what a tag is, and why and how it is used. I do like the term “tag cloud”.  It brings interesting images to mind, and is a good idea for a drawing.

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