I work primarily in acrylic on stretched canvas.  My preferred method is to “build” a painting by adding layer upon layer to the canvas, and the fact that the acrylic paint dries quickly makes it the perfect medium for my style.

6 responses to “PAINTINGS

  • maria

    What’s the meaning of this artwork?


  • paintthedayblog

    Each day I peruse your art…..trying to figure out the method. Frustration abounds. Do you offer an online course or better yet, book telling the secrets of your method and process? I am trying to figure it out and have covered so many canvasses only to screw …..cannot get the transparency of all those fabulous layers……


    • jbart3916

      I have only been working on putting down my thoughts about the mental part of the art-making process. I hadn’t considered tackling the technical aspects of my process, as it has always struck me as being pretty straightforward. I am more than happy to answer any technical/process question you may have. Email me any time. I don’t want to be responsible for causing frustration.


      • Catherine O'Hanlon

        Have you produced any videos of yourself creating one of your fabulous paintings? I too would like to know how you build up the layers in your work.


      • jbart3916

        I have made no videos, and don’t have the technical skills to do so. I will, however, make an effort to do a few more “evolution of a painting” series. The trick is to remember to start photographing at the very beginning of a piece.


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