Usually I approach a series in one of two ways:

1. Start 4-12 pieces at the same time, then work back and forth on the pieces until all are completed. With this approach, the pieces are usually all the same dimensions and medium. I like the feeling of continuity that results naturally from working on the whole series at once.

2. Establish a title for a series, and then add pieces to the series over time, as new work is completed.  With this approach pieces are often a variety of both sizes and medium.

I enjoy the ease of titling with a series……Vista 1, Vista 2, etc.

Blue Horizon (collage)

Equilibrium (collages)

Grid (variety of media)

Little Boxes (assemblages)

Midnight Grove (acrylic/collage)

Mindscapes (acrylic/collage/mixed)

Moonscapes (drawings)

River Moods (collages)

Shoreline Impressions (acrylic)

Strata (variety of sizes and media)

Vital Forms (variety of sizes and media)

Winter Sun (acrylic/collage)

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