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Gunther Gerzso

A good friend recently introduced me to the artist Gunther Gerzso (6/17/15-4/21/00). His paintings are fascinating, as is his story. A quote from an interview with Jose Antonio Aldrete-Haas that resonates with me:

“I don’t care what my paintings represent- my emotional matter appears in them. That happens without me having to worry about it, because when I am painting i only pay attention to the technical issues.”

Check out the full interview and example of Gerzso’s work.

Richard Diebenkorn

“I don’t go to the studio with the idea of “saying” something.  

What I do is face the blank canvas and put a few marks on it

that start me on some sort of dialogue.”

Richard Diebenkorn


Salute to George Morrison

The beginning of a new ongoing project….inspired by George Morrison, one of my favorite artists,


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