International Collage Exchange 2013

Yesterday I got my 13 collages sent off to New Zealand for the 15th International Collage Exchange (2013).

Having a deadline and size restriction for the creation of 13 new pieces is a good way to loosen up and try new things.  I always discover something new and get ideas for future work.  Plus, I can look forward to the arrival in May of 11 or 12 collages by artists from around the world. Over the years I have built up a wonderful selection of collages by other artists, and get great enjoyment out of periodically going through my collection

For more information about the International Collage Exchanges go to

Each piece is 8″X10″.

Arrangement (blue)   Arrangement (yellow)   Arrangement (grey)   Graphic Landscape 1   Graphic Landscape 2   After the Storm   Autumn Composition   Spring Awakening 1   Spring Awakening 2   Riverscape 2   Twilight   Morning Fog   Riverscape 1

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