Blue Horizon Series

Blue Horizon Series

I find that the horizon provides constant inspiration, not only for it’s visual appeal, but also for it’s metaphorical aspects.  The horizon is an illusion (as it does not actually exist as a single location) and, at the same time, a reality (to the observer…..we can see it,experience it.)

Studies indicate that if a person is shown a horizontal rectangle, bisected anywhere by a horizontal line, in virtually all cases the image is interpreted as a landscape (sky/horizon/earth).  The horizon, just like the sun and the moon, is ingrained in our visual lexicon.

The horizontal “line” that we see provides a stable anchor for everything else, implying constancy and calm, and at the same time implies the unattainable, as it remains forever distant.  It can never be reached because it is moving at the same rate as we are moving.  This place of visual stability (the “line”) remains vague and is open to myriad personal interpretations.  My horizon is (and your horizon is) a function of both how the world actually is and how I see things, both of which are always subject to change.

It is this convergence of the sky (with it’s ever-changing light and cloud patterns, moon and sun) and the earth (water/stone/vegetation/man-made structures/shadows) that fascinates me.

“We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon.” Konrad Adenauer


Each of these collages is done on a 12″x12″ stretched canvas. Many of the components are papers that I prepared/altered by giving them time in the woods outside my studio (beneath wood, rocks,  and leaves, exposed to rain and whatever else came along).

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Blue Horizon 1 (sold)

Blue Horizon 1


Blue Horizon II  (Clay Bay Gallery)



Blue Horizon III (sold)


Blue Horizon IV (sold)


Blue Horizon V (Clay Bay Gallery)



Blue Horizon VI

available in the Bergerson Gallery Shop



Blue Horizon VII (sold)



Blue Horizon VIII (sold)


Blue Horizon IX (Clay Bay Gallery)


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