These pieces are basically mixed media……some collage, some acrylic paint, some pencil and crayon.  Whatever gives me the effect I am looking for. They are created by applying layer upon layer.

click on an image for a closer look

Vital Forms: 24″x30″ stretched canvas

Lemon Yellow: 12″x12″ stretched canvas

Changing Seasons 2: 8″x16″ stretched canvas

Moonrise: 8″x8″ stretched canvas

Musicale: 10″x10″ stretched canvas

Secret Story: 18″x36″ stretched canvas

Vital Forms 3: 18″x24″ stretched canvas

Interlude: illustration board, corrugated cardboard, vinyl, wash,colored pencil,acrylic on 18″x24″ stretched canvas

1st place award East Central Arts Council Image Show: Acrylic/Mixed Media


Checkered Landscape II : 20″x24″ stretched canvas

City Flock 2: 18″x24″ stretched canvas

18 responses to “COLLAGE/PAINTINGS

  • Tina Reichelt

    Dear Mrs Bergerson, I am a huge fan and would like to buy an original piece, but could not find a hint on your Site where to ask for that. Do you sell via a certain Gallery, or would I just ask you here? Greets from Berlin, Germany, Tina Reichelt


  • Lynnie Duff

    A couple of quick questions: Do you name your paintings before you start or after you finish? Do you have any intention at all when you begin a piece?


  • Mo Rogers

    Is the work used to make a collage your own? I.e. do you prepare paper ready for collaging with your own art work?i kind of assume you do. I love all your work by the way.


  • Ellen Masters

    Love your work!Especially Interlude. When you use newspaper or other non acid free found paper,will mat medium protect the work?


  • Luciano Guerrero

    I have just discovered your work. I’m fascinated. I wish you continued success and a long, prosperous career.


  • LeslieFrederick

    How do you make your Neocolor 1 art look painterly? Turpentine smells so bad. Is there anything else I can use? On your black skimmerrs. Did you use other colors when layering the black parts. Your art is wonderful BTW!


    • jbart3916

      Thank you.
      I don’t use any solvents with my Neo 1’s. I just put it on so that eventually the color is solid, so that no paper shows through, but in thinner layers, not all at once. You can keep adding color and kind of “mix” color on the surface. If you overdo, you can scrape off the excess and redo (to a certain extent). You can also use Prismacolor colored pencils to blend edges where one color meets another.


  • Susan Edwards

    Just discovered your work which is fascinating
    What sort of glue do you use as I always find it difficult to get items to stay flat especially if theatres are textured and a bit rough


    • jbart3916

      Most of the time I use matte medium. If I want to keep the surface of the material I am collaging to remain “dry”, I use either permanent glue stick or Tacky glue. I also use Tacky glue for more 3-D stuff, like bottle caps or wood. When using Tacky glue or glue stickI usually allow the piece to dry for a while under a weight to assure a good bond. With a slip sheet of waxed paper. And sometimes I use gloss medium coated papers and a tacking (heat) iron. TMI????
      Best regards.


  • Jeannie Nelson

    Please tell me you offer classes / workshops.


    • jbart3916

      I’m sorry that I no longer offer classes/workshops. I’ve entered into that selfish phase of my career when I just want to work in my studio, doing what I want to do when I want to do it. It’s a lovely place to be.
      Best regards.


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