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Shadow Patterns

Mother nature creating beautiful art in Grand Portage State Park.

June 2016


Everyday Art

A spectacular composition, just waiting to be seen and appreciated.

Late Afternoon: Tire Tracks in New Show


Hovland Composition

Another beautiful piece of art found sitting on the shore in Hovland, just waiting to be discovered and appreciated.


weathered wood, paint, metal, nails

Seaside Composition

Abstract Sand Painting….artist : The Atlantic Ocean


This Is A World To Live In

This Is A World To Live In

Photo taken of reflections in a mylar sheet, while we waited for the Sandbox Theatre presentation of  This Is A World To Live In.  There were very interesting installations and art pieces in the waiting area, but this was just happenstance.  Or was the mylar sheet put there for this very purpose….to allow each of us to make (discover) our own fabulous abstract art pieces?


Dockside composition

Distressed section of a fishing boat deck, or fabulous piece of abstract art??
The answer is “Both”.


Riverside Composition

Riverside Composition (post-flood mud/silt).

May 2013, Hannibal, MO


Sand/Wind Composition

Beautiful art just making itself on the beach.


Blue on Grey

Fabulous abstract painting or photo taken while waiting in a parking lot?

Sky Painting

This is an unretouched photo taken through the windshield as we drove through Wisconsin.

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