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Northwoods 2

Northwoods 2

relief prints/collage/colored pencil matted to 8″x 10″



7″x7″ graphite on block-cleaning sheet


Recently I had the opportunity to spend two days working in the print studio at The Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, WI. That experience was the inspiration for this week’s Weekly Drawing.

The photos below show 1. “my”press, with the vintage wood type assembled and ready to print. 2. The inked type during the printing process. (I worked in the “art-printing” style…more of a mono-print approach) 3. my work area, with some of my in-progress prints waiting for their next run through the press.


The experience of working in this fabulous studio is exhilarating!  They offer workshops throughout the year, and also allow experienced artists to book private studio time, as my daughter and I did this past week.


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