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Black Skimmers

To me, the most fascinating Florida beach birds are Black Skimmers.  I love their almost ungainly shape, their high contrast, graphic coloration. I love the way they hang out together in large groups, and seem to just enjoy spending time on the beach.

These 4″x 4″ original neocolor 1 drawings (matted to 8″x 10″) are available in the 

Bergerson Gallery Shop



Studio Time

It’s that time of the year when there are no art to-do’s or immediate commitments, which means completely free studio time! Time to reorganize and and refamiliarize myself with my vast collection of materials.  Time to play! First step: bring out the crayons!

Neocolor 1 crayon on navy blue textured cover stock

Deconstruction 1

Deconstruction 1

13″x16″ neocolor 1 crayon on Canson bristol


Found Object/beach

Found Object/beach

Neocolor 1 wax/oil crayon

13X16 on Canson bristol


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