Seed Pods 3

Seed Pods 3

acrylic/colored pencil on 12″x 12″ stretched canvas


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2 responses to “Seed Pods 3

  • Cyndie

    Amazing! I find your work so inspiring. How do you fix the coloured pencil and have adhere to the paint? I have tried colouring on top of acrylic paint and it just slides off.


    • jbart3916

      Wherever I want to draw with colored pencil I put on a coat of matte medium. Let it dry thoroughly, and you’ll be able to use colored pencil (I use Berol Prismacolor, which has a fairly high pigment load) easily. I use Liquitex matte medium, which I know works, but I would guess that other brands would also work. Let me know if this works for you.


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