I have begun a new  sketchbook(8-1/2×11) project which I am calling FreeMarks.

One drawing per day, no rules (media/subject matter/time spent/etc.).  No purpose, beyond the pure enjoyment of making marks on the page.

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6 responses to “FreeMarks

  • michael king

    Very nice. I like the “asymmetric symmetry,” if you will!



    I, too, bought myself a new sketchbook in January and promised myselfto make an entry every day, same rules as yours. So far I have been keeping up.Your work is beautiful and very inspirational. I am a retired nurse with a fine arts degree who is finally finding time afterworking, rearing a family, and helping out with an aging parent and childcare ofgrandchildren to pursue my experiences with art.  Thank you for sharing your work and your knowledge. The attachments are two of my previous images, a watercolor portrait and a mixed mediafantasy landscape. Roberta Knox


    • jbart3916

      I hope you are still doing your daily drawing. I am finding that I really enjoy the process, and look forward to the drawing each day. And I am also learning new things regularly. Congratulations on getting back to making art. Aren’t we lucky… finally have the time to make art?


  • annihunt

    I love the idea! I think this might be right up my alley. I see people doing the 100 day project, maybe this could be my 100 day project… rules or parameters…..just marks in my sketchbook. Thanks so much for sharing this idea! Love you work!!


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