Fuchsia 2

Fuchsia 2 (evolution)

acrylic/graphite/colored pencil on 12″x12″ stretched canvas

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4 responses to “Fuchsia 2

  • serendibeady1

    Do you ever sell your work? I continue to be fascinated by it. I tried to look at available work on your web site, but got a notice that it is password protected- and I’m not sure where to find a password. This is not a funky request, just an honest attempt to learn more. Thank you, Susan

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    • jbart3916

      Thank you. for your interest. Yes, I do sell my work through 4 different galleries and at an annual studio show as well as other random shows from time to time. That password protected page is for a designer who had clients interested in work of a certain size, so no small pieces are listed. Pieces on 12×12″ stretched canvas are all $160. If you have questions about a particular piece, I will be glad to answer. When I have the time I plan to put together a page with what pieces I have available and the $ of each.


  • Marijke

    Very nice and very interesting to see the process. Thanks for showing.



    Gorgeous. Thank you for giving me a glimpse into your process. ❤️


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