7×7 Composition #23

7×7 Composition #23

graphite on 50# Advantage drawing paper


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2 responses to “7×7 Composition #23

  • Margaret

    I love your work and look forward to receiving them in my email. I especially love the graphite drawings. I would be so interested in how you come up with the compositions. Have you written about it anywhere? I am a retired art teacher and admire how you work the classic elements & principles of design.


    • jbart3916

      Thank you. I have not written about my approach to composition, but have that on my to-do list. But basically, I just begin a drawing or painting, then keep adding and subtracting and adjusting until it feels “right” to me. I generally don’t do preliminary drawings or studies. Not very enlightening for you, I realize. When I do get the piece written I’ll post it on here.


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