Free-Range Drawing

Free-range Drawing…no boundaries…..”just start and see what happens”

2 commonly held beliefs about drawing: 1: Drawing is primarily a means of planning/designing/organizing artwork to be executed in another medium.  2. A drawing is “of” something, and has a specific subject.

When my friends and I started our Weekly Drawing project the idea of just beginning a drawing with no subject matter in mind was new to my way of thinking.  I often take that approach when I paint, just letting the painting itself lead me from one step to another.  But for some reason I have always thought of drawings as more controlled, and thus calling for intent. Narrow thinking. During the course of this project, I have done many drawings that have clearly defined subject matter, but I have also found it to  be exciting to do “free-range drawings”, drawings that are basically abstract.  These drawings I just begin, with no specific plan. I now understand that drawing needn’t be more controlled or restrictive than any other medium.

JB-10:6:14   JB-10:13:14

JB-12:1:14   JB-2:9:15

JB-1:12:15   JB-9:28:15

JB-3:9:15   JB-3:16:15

JB-7:6:15   JB-7:13:15JB-8:24:15   JB-8:31:15

   7X7#12   7X7#13

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