Weekly drawing

Weekly Drawing

How is is possible that 3 accomplished (and mature) artists find it advantageous to make a pact with one another to complete (and “submit” to one another), one drawing per week?  Not a sketch idea for a painting or a thumbnail to work out a composition or a preliminary drawing for rendering in another medium. A drawing done for its own sake….for no other purpose than to enjoy the process.  I love to draw.  I have always loved to draw.  But somehow I had gotten out of the habit of just drawing for the pure enjoyment of it. We are 5 weeks into this “project”, and I am loving it…..I am seeing more each day as I consider my next drawing. And I am now doing more than just one drawing per week……just for the fun of it.  I find the process itself to be a form of meditation.


click here to see all my weekly drawings

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