MindScape 23

MindScape 23

acrylic on 12″X12″ canvas


(check out the entire series)

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Artist, specializing in original drawings, paintings, and collages. View all posts by jbart3916

3 responses to “MindScape 23

  • Lynnda Tillett Tenpenny

    Are you using a stylus with your digital art? I’ve just gotten interested in really learning how to do art on my ipad. I can’t figure out what stylus I need. I had a cheapie one, but apparently have lost it. Love these works!


    • jbart3916

      Yes, I do use a stylus….a cheapie thing that came from someplace like Office Max. It has a little squishy rubbery ball on the end, about 1/4″ across. There may be more sophisticated ones around, but I haven’t yet felt impelled to search them out.


      • Lynnda Tenpenny

        That’s what I had too, but I wanted to see if you used a more sophisticated one before I bought another cheapie. The reviews and the prices are all over the place, so I think it’s just personal preference. Thanks!!!


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