Digital Art

I have had my iPad and several art-making apps for quite a while and have not spent time with them. Recently I acquired a third app, which gave me the incentive to play with all 3 of them. And I am hooked. The 3 apps are Art Studio, Art Rage, and Paper 53, and each is excellent. Here are a few of my recent paintings (do you call these paintings?)




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2 responses to “Digital Art

  • NetzNomadin

    yes, I would call them paintings. painting is what painting does.
    on a blog, there is no digital difference between a photo of a big color-coated canvas and graphic-tablet art anyway. and you just might print your paintings (like david hockney) to hang them in a gallery: if a 3-D printer can produce a gun to shoot you, would you insist that you can’t call that a gun?


    • jbart3916

      You’re right on with your comments. Thanks. This is new to me (making art digitally from the outset), and I still don’t have my mind completely wrapped around it. This helps.


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