About the artist

I am a visual artist, working primarily in acrylic, collage, mixed media, and drawing.

“I have had a life-long fascination with shapes, textures, lines, and relationships. Whether I’m looking at a landscape, a city, or a bowl of fruit, it’s the interaction among the forms that I find most exciting. I also find the idea of contrasts to a fascinating one, and I use that idea to add interest and excitement to my work.  Warm vs. cool colors. Texture vs. smooth areas.  Structure vs. loose/chaotic. Hard edges vs. soft transitions.

I have several ways to begin a new piece: One is to begin with a relatively realistic rendering of a subject. I then leave the source material and let the painting itself carry me along. As I paint I do not attempt to imitate some pre-determined reality. The second approach is to begin completely randomly, covering the surface with color and texture. From there I begin to pull out (or impose) shapes, and then just let the painting tell me what step to take next. With either method of beginning, it is a step-by-step process. It is the process (the journey, if you will) that I find the most exciting part of making art.

I consider each painting to be a unique entity in and of itself , the result of this exploration of shapes and relationships. “

••  email: judynace@aol.com  ••

More about the artist (exhibitions, collections, etc.)

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