Village/Rainy Day

I began this drawing with a Stabile 8008 water-soluble graphite pencil, again with no plan going into it.  After “scribbling” areas of texture, value changes, etc., I washed the drawing surface with acrylic matte medium, to soften, blend, and blur the graphite, dabbed it with tissues, splashed a few drops of water on it.  The medium, when dry, also sealed in the fluid look of the graphite, and also provided a workable surface for further drawing with regular graphite pencils.  I then began the searching for shapes process, but as there was no option to erase, I used  colored pencils to add the lights I needed.  This village, reminiscent of villages I have visited in England, emerged.

Village/Rainy Day  •  7″ X 7″  •  Stabilo 8008 pencil/graphite pencils/colored pencils/matte medium on Bristol

click on the image for a larger view


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