Lemon Yellow

Lemon Yellow

12″ X 12″  •  acrylic/collage/colored pencil on canvas


4 responses to “Lemon Yellow

  • cheri

    Prismacolor? It is very nice and makes me thirsty for lemonaid.


  • Elaine Mayrhofer

    Driving myself nuts trying to figure out the process you use with the acrylics/colored pencil layering. I actually lay in bed at night wondering…….lSo very beautiful


    • jbart3916

      I don’t want you to lose any more sleep. Basically, I use the pencil and/or colored pencil along with the acrylic to subtly define shapes, to add a thin, easy to control veil of color, or to add detail that I can’t get with a brush. I start with acrylic, and when it seems to need pencil, I cover the area with matte medium, as the pencil won’t adhere to acrylic properly otherwise. Then after I finish drawing, I seal it in with more medium. Then paint more, draw more, add collage sometimes, layer upon layer, always covering with matte medium before using the colored pencils. its just a continuous back and forth, layer upon layer.
      And now you know how its done.
      Thanks for your positive comments.


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