Weekly Drawings

Weekly Drawings

This series is the result of a “pact” made with 2 artist friends to do (and share every Monday) one finished drawing per week. The idea is to do the drawing for the sole purpose of enjoying the process.

click on a drawing to see a larger image/ click on comment below each image to see the full description

JB3:17:14          JB3:24:14

                   SHELL.3 is one of a series of drawings……….                   My friend, Sam Spiczka, sculptor, let his “Orion”…..

JB3:31:14          JB4:7:14

                   My Velthemia plant was blooming, and my intent...          When I retired, and before I severed ties with….

JB4:14:14          JB-4:21:14

                  Sheets of thick packing cardboard have been the…         Valuable lesson learned: If you discover a vintage…

JB-04-28-14           SundayPark

                         Jack loves his new boots, for both indoor……..               It has been a long, hard winter, and we are ……….

                       JB-5:12:14          JB-5:19:14

                        An early Spring afternoon at Lutsen, on Lake….               My Mother always planted grass seeds so we …..

                        JB-5:26:14      JB-6:2:14

                        Inspired by a week of working in the gardens…..           And still more botanical inspiration.  7″ X 7″ pencil….

                        JB-6:09:14        JB-6:16:14

                       Purely playing with basically the same pen stroke…..           Giving in to my fascination with complex…..

                        JB-6:23:14       JB-6:30:14

                       While cleaning up my iPhoto files, I came across……..     I haven’t used charcoal in years, and after seeing…….

                       JB-7:7:14          JB-7:14:14

                       A warm summer day, sitting by the river, doodling….     A misty, monochromatic day on Lake Superior…….

                        JB-7:21:14        JB-7:28:14

                      My thought here was to capture the calm feeling…..                 A visit to a show of botanical drawings at……

                       JB-8:4:14          JB-8:11:14

                       It seems like the right time to take a looser…..                     I began this drawing with a Stabilo 8008 water…

                       JB-8:18:14          JB-8:25:14

                       One of my all-time favorite drawing pencils is………              I found a pad of black paper I had forgotten about….

                       JB-9:1:14          JB-9:8:14

                      This is a case of seeing beauty in what was, in reality,..         As much as I hate to face the fact, Fall is here, so I……

                      JB-9:14:14           JB-9:29:14

                      JB-10:6:14           JB-10:13:14  

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