Free-Range Drawing

Free-range Drawing…no boundaries…..”just start and see what happens”

2 commonly held beliefs about drawing: 1: Drawing is primarily a means of planning/designing/organizing artwork to be executed in another medium.  2. A drawing is “of” something, and has a specific subject.

When my friends and I started our Weekly Drawing project the idea of just beginning a drawing with no subject matter in mind was new to my way of thinking.  I often take that approach when I paint, just letting the painting itself lead me from one step to another.  But for some reason I have always thought of drawings as more controlled, and thus calling for intent. Narrow thinking. During the course of this project, I have done many drawings that have clearly defined subject matter, but I have also found it to  be exciting to do “free-range drawings”, drawings that are basically abstract.  These drawings I just begin, with no specific plan. I now understand that drawing needn’t be more controlled or restrictive than any other medium.

JB-10:6:14   JB-10:13:14

JB-12:1:14   JB-2:9:15

JB-1:12:15   JB-9:28:15

JB-3:9:15   JB-3:16:15

JB-7:6:15   JB-7:13:15JB-8:24:15   JB-8:31:15

   7X7#12   7X7#13

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Quarry 1

Quarry 1

7″X7″ pencil on cartridge paper  (Weekly Drawing Series)


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Gunther Gerzso

A good friend recently introduced me to the artist Gunther Gerzso (6/17/15-4/21/00). His paintings are fascinating, as is his story. A quote from an interview with Jose Antonio Aldrete-Haas that resonates with me:

“I don’t care what my paintings represent- my emotional matter appears in them. That happens without me having to worry about it, because when I am painting i only pay attention to the technical issues.”

Check out the full interview and example of Gerzso’s work.

Three Natural Forms

After my recent immersion in all things Charles Rennie Mackintosh (in Glasgow), this is one of my recent weekly drawings. I feel more more stylized natural forms in my immediate future.

Three Natural Forms

7″x7″ pencil on Aquabee 808


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Weekly Drawing/ Marina Shapes

Marina Shapes

7″X7″ colored pencil on red paper

This drawing draws on the same idea as one of my Marina Series paintings.


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River Moods 34

River Moods 34

8″X10″ mixed media collage


Marina Series #4

Marina Series #4

20″ X 30″ acrylic/colored pencil on canvas



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